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Comment on "WWDC 2006: The Gender Imbalance"
by Jeroen Leenarts — Aug 12
Not to throw in your glasses people. But research seems to show that in fact females are overall more intelligent when compared to males. The thing is that men and women are conditioned from birth to perceive certain kinds of work as more acceptable. Basically the age old girls provide and care, boys do something reckless and bring in some cash too.

While I do feel that things are changing, don't forget that only a few decades ago women did not have that much rights at all. The biggest driver for emancipation in the US seems to be the second world war. The fact that women could keep the nation going while a large section of the male populous was of fighting seems to have been an empowering experience. While not entirely related it does hold a point. We're only making the first steps on breaking down the traditional role gender roles.

Also, someone above stated that girls might be considered a demeaning statement when set against men. Ever thought of the origins of words like FEmale and WOman? Basically it comes down to "not a man". Also note that it is very common to address female groups with cute or childish terms. Why the hell would you call a group of women "dolls"? They're not some kind of toy you can play with.

Also in my personal opinion, the biological role model at work is something that is a disadvantage to women. Giving birth to children makes a woman unable to keep the same career pace as a man. While it could be argued that men could step back to step in at home a bit more too. Most of the time such choices are mostly based on the financial impact. (Which is a very good reason to strive for a debt free life, it enables you to be more flexible with you income.")

On a closing note, this comment is because of some comments posted earlier. Scott's post had nothing wrong with it. It is true that when on a tech meeting there usually is a very distinct reaction when someone female asks a smart question. But that's just because tech savvy, good looking girls are a fetish of many geeky computer literate boys. Also, I don't think positive discrimination is the answer.
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