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Comment on "WWDC 2006: Misreading 'Gender Imbalance'"
by Dan — Aug 12
OK, it's not worth a blog post, but I'll follow up. I was talking to a female engineer on the WebKit team, discussing the Apple Design Awards and how there were so many entrants for so few general-application categories. I suggested that the WebKit team have its own awards, and they could be called the "WebKitties."

The reaction was unexpected and priceless. My idea was drowned out by gleeful exclamations and immediate planning by the women on the WebKit team (of which, I'm pleased to say, seems to be much higher proportion than other groups at Apple or in Silicon Valley in general) want to call themselves the "WebKitties" which eventually settled on "WebKittens".

I returned to the area a while later, and by that time, it seemed that the whole team had decided to call themselves "WebKats" (males) and "WebKittens" (females)....
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