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Comment on "WWDC 2006: Misreading 'Gender Imbalance'"
by Samo — Aug 13
"Speaking for myself, it wasn't so much your particular post that I found troubling, but rather what I perceive as a growing, negative social attitude towards women; particularly in the sciences and on the Net. The 'omg a girl!' attitude. This is 2006, not 1906. I can picture the scene you described at the WWDC as male attendees scrambled to find the source of that voice, and I am ashamed."

Gosh! That's exactly the reason why I wouldn't post anything to retract the statements or even to excuse myself, were I Scott. The whole "omg politically correct" behaviour is one of the most stupid behaviours I am seeing with geeks.

Where are the women that feel the way you guys "defending" them feel? Seriously, the women can hold up for themselves quite well, the whole protective stance a lot of people are taking here just shows that deep inside none of you guys trusts a woman to be a) able to defend herself or b) to be confident enough about her abilities to take it for what it is a humorous comment.

I can't fscking believe people are "ashamed" for others to be interested in a woman asking an interesting question. Don't you think that the woman herself might take it all as a compliment?

Scott, that's not a problem of Bay Area or no Bay Area. It's a problem that exists everywhere, where people think they need to be overprotective of women in fields that do not include cooking or childcare, because they still think these girls "have it harder". The only thing that makes their lives harder is others acting like they're not even able to survive a "omg girls!!" comment.

There are not enough girls at the WWDC. If there were, socially awkward geeks would know that they can handle it all quite well themselves.
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