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Comment on "The Focus of .Mac"
by Abhi Beckert — Aug 18
The whole article is a joke if you ask me. He talks about time machine using lots of disk space with large files, then goes on to say that same data should be backed up to your .Mac account? I'm not sure if I fancy the idea of uploading 300 to 4,000 mb of data every night, and I can guarantee you my ISP isn't a fan.

And that's without even taking into account the cost involved in, say, 80% of all mac users uploading large amounts of data to the same set of servers at midnight every night... From my understanding, it'd cost apple at least *one hundred million dollars* per *month* to host Time Machine over .Mac, and that's assuming they get a really good deal (which they would of course).

That estimate is based on what I've heard about the costs of running a popular video podcast BTW. It might not be accurate.
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