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Comment on "The Focus of .Mac"
by Mandaris — Aug 18
I honestly, don't get why people are so hyped over web based applications. I mean, it's great that they are accessable on every web enabled machine you go to, but it seems kind of reduntant and limiting.
For example, I use a laptop... more like, I LIVE on my laptop. If we are seperated for more then 12 hours I start breaking out in a could sweat. The thing is, sometimes I don't have access to the internet. Sometimes, I prefer not to have access to the internet. I have everything in one nice little package. I have my word processor, terminal,, etc. in one place where I can work distraction free with out the temptation. Could you do that with gmail? writey? flicker? I doubt it.
I can work on those things without the an internet connection and then upload or use those options later.

Getting back to the whole .Mac needing to be retooled. Well, I'll admit there are sometimes where I wish I could sync up faster or had more space without paying more for it. But I realize that these things aren't free and someone's got to pay for it. Although, I realize that I'm not limited to just .mac. There are a couple third party tools that allow you to sync up with computers on a local network or even use the space that google offers.

One more thing, I use BOTH a .Mac account and a (few) google account(s) an I manage them using Mail.

Sorry if my response doesn't have a definitive point. I think would be a good place to go if you wanted more information about the things I (attempted) to talk about here.
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