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Comment on "The Focus of .Mac"
by Blain — Aug 18
I'm not sure if I fancy the idea of uploading 300 to 4,000 mb of data every night, and I can guarantee you my ISP isn't a fan.

Not to mention the fact that running the restore means fetching, if not the files, a healthy block of metadata, especially if doing a filtered search. I do see Time Machine as a means to replace Backup, but not now, and not for everyone.

First thing would to allow for partial-file backups, to reduce bandwidth and file footprint of each version. Second would be to support CVS/SVN/other remote storage techniques, for business and development environments. Then caching the most recent files and metadata on the 'backed up' volume, to only access the backup when really necessary.

Then, only then, could .mac backup be offered (Making the $99/yr a deal for some) as a bandwidth-effective option. And only an option, because not everyone wants to store their personal information to a publicly accessible archive.

A further note about gmail and flickr: Google searches have advertised matches. Gmail has advertisement at the bottom of the email. Flickr has ads on the pages. How does Mr. Stern propose subsidizing the backups if not the .mac fee? Cost of macs? Perhaps product placement in iPhotos, and adverts appended to backed up resumes?
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