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Comment on "New Super Mario Brothers DS"
by Karen — Aug 24
I purchased the 2 DS systems when it first came out. One for my then 9 year old son and one fro me. Up until a month ago we played seperately but I purchased the 2 systems so that we could play the games togther if we wanted to. Last month we took the games on vacation with us and discovered that play NSMB together was Lots of FUN. So now every night for about 1 hour -- prior to bedtime -- we play. I even went to purchase another NSMB so I could practice on my own. I love the game and it has increased my son's hand/eye coordination. It also gives us Mom and son time, to do something we both love -- video games. I researched the Wii -- I am interested in the price -- I might have to be one of the first in line to get one. If you are thinking of purchasing a handheld game that is fun for all ages -- the DS is the way to go.
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