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Comment on "WWDC 2006: Misreading 'Gender Imbalance'"
by Adam Knight — Aug 26
It's not a lack of a sense of humor "Not a Woman" .. it's about sanity at this point. The whole idea of integration is that no one is treated differently. By having random people take random offense at common situations perceived as funny, or even just curious, integration is demonstratively broken.

I was there, and having one woman for 250 men <i>was</i> something you noticed fairly quickly. I also noticed that Omni beat the statistics (good for them) and that there was at least one company with five ladies and one man. It's a curiosity, and one that will get mentioned. I think that if someone flies off the handle about it then they really don't share the feeling of "This is odd..." that many attendees had. No sense berating someone for it or their confusion when people don't get it.
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