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Comment on "In Defense of WWDC 2006"
by Pierre Bernard — Aug 29
I cannot completely agree with Matt's assessment of WWDC 2006. It was a terrific event with session organization and content being better than ever before.

Where I can agree is your remarks on the quality of food. Food has be bad ever since the move to Moscone. This year it was just worse:

- Boxed food. Nobody will like ALL there is in the box. Buffet style would waste way less food.
- Wraps / sandwiches. Cheap. One is bound not to like it because of one of its many ingredients.
- Sodas and juices: only sugary stuff at WWDC this year. Speakers had bottled water!
- Jamba juice. There smoothies used to make up for the lack of food quality. Why are they gone from WWDC?
- "Moscone Special Pizza": all kitchen left-overs on one pizza. With 4.800 attendees, many are bound not to like at least one of the many toppings. Try simple: cheese pizza.

All in all I only ate lunch once this year and ran from it the other days. I skipped pizza despite being hungry. And I drank way to much sodas.
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