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Comment on "In Defense of WWDC 2006"
by map — Aug 29
He might have picked a few odd examples, but I feel he got the underlying theme quite right.

There are small things like Jamba Juice and Movie Night that got axed and there are important things that make my work harder, like not giving out DVD sets of the sessions and declining any comments about that.

And I for one don't enjoy flying around half the world and dropping a lot of cash on a conference that isn't organized good enough to avoid crowd mongers jelling at and bossing around attendees in near empty hallways before sessions. And if I have to argue to change a session mid-stream because someone "has orders" to don't let people in anymore, despite seats being available, that's more than just a bad experience. That and the food might be the Moscone's fault, but I don't care much who is to blame. The experience was suboptimal nevertheless.

Not getting DVDs and having to fight my way into sessions are serious problems to me. You're absolutely right about Stump and the Sample Code, although I'd found it a bit cumbersome to cherry-pick all the dmgs I wanted and would have preferred a big disk image with all the samples like last year.
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