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Comment on "In Defense of WWDC 2006"
by Aaron Tait — Aug 29
This was my first WWDC and after reading several blogs before landing at SFO I was expecting the worst imaginable food for us. I found the food to be amazing! Considering it is free and they have to plan for 5,300+ people (engineers + attendees). I thought that they did cheep out on the bags and badges from what I saw on people's Flickr account from last year, but they do have to scale for the number of attendees and considering this was the largest WWDC yet I can't complain. DVDs of the sessions and more source code would have been nice. It would be cool if they gave us the source code for some of the demos they had running for the sessions, especially for the Core Animation sessions. Overall I thought WWDC was well worth the plane ticket and hotel room (I won the student scholarship as well).
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