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Comment on "In Defense of WWDC 2006"
by Andy Lee — Aug 29
"Can they afford it? Absolutely. Is it worth getting upset about? I don't think so."

Argh, I blame Donald Rumsfeld for causing me to be distracted by the self-interviewing pattern of discourse. :)

I've never been to a WWDC, so I have no opinion on whether treatment of attendees is any better or worse than before. But I do think that being treated cheaply -- feeling nickeled and dimed -- can detract from an otherwise enjoyable experience. On the other hand, in my experience most events of this kind have crappy food, so to some extent that's par for the course. On the *other* hand, Apple is known for attention to detail and creating great experiences, so it's natural for enthusiasts to hold them to a higher standard.

(Apologies to anyone distracted by the "Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof" pattern of discourse. :))
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