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Comment on "In Defense of WWDC 2006"
by Steve-o — Aug 29
It isn't vacation - this is, in essence, for work. You go to this conference because it pertains to your job. I'm not saying that means it should be unpleasant... but the pleasure aspects of it should be secondary to the real point - learning and getting tools to do your jobs. It is important to accomodate and to make it "enjoyable" to the extent feasible, of course.

But this seems like kvetching that my office only has free pastries on the first monday of the month instead of every Monday. If that's why I'm there, I'm in the wrong place. And if that's my top priority, then I need to step back and think for a minute.

I think the lack of DVDs is unfortunate and a misstep by Apple. And I of course agree that a cumulative effect of underwhelming "small things" can add up to a "big thing". And to the extent that this might bode for the future, the criticism here is worth listening to. But in isolation, complaining that your free bag isn't as good as last year's really just sounds like there's a sense of entitlement which is unwarranted.
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