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Comment on "In Defense of WWDC 2006"
by DJ — Aug 29
This was my first WWDC as well. I don't know that I had any preconceived ideas about the "amenities", but I was underwhelmed in a few areas, including the aforementioned Moscone special pizza (late, tough, and room temperature). Other food was hit-and-miss: limited drink choices at lunch (no diet soda, or ANY soda for that matter), odd timing of afternoon snacks, etc.

I think I was most disappointed by the Apple campus bash. 45-minute bus ride (each way), herded into a grassy courtyard, and again no diet Coke to be found. The food there was pretty good though, and I think there were about 6 different kinds of beer available. But, except for access to the company store (which had a HUGE line anyway), the bash could have been held anywhere. In fact, it would be better if Apple opened a branch company store in Moscone for the week and held their campus bash off-campus and near the rest of the conference. And who the hell was that guy doing the music? I think there were maybe 30 people who were really into it, and at least a couple of them had their picture taken with him after he finished, but...

Having said all that, I really liked the technical aspects of the conference. That was my whole reason for being there, and my only real complaint in that regard is that there were several times that I wanted to be in 2 (or more) sessions at once. Oh, and people who like to talk out loud during sessions.
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