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Comment on "In Defense of WWDC 2006"
by Exittoshell — Aug 31
Doesn't Apple always solicit feedback after a big event? If so, instead of putting up endless blog posts whining about your personal issues, why not write them concisely in the event feedback form(s) so that the people whose job it is to uncover issues actually uncover them.

IMHO food and crowd control are venue issues, and frankly if a venue thinks it must squish a bunch of geeks toting laptops and other "stuff" into as small a space as possible, then they need to be told that we geeks needs our space (as a Man, and with all the stuff we have in a COMPUER CONFERENCE).

Moscone dropped the ball, not Apple.

Btw a buffet would actually waste more food as opposed to box lunches, hence their increasing popularity as a cheap-o catering option these days.
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