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Comment on "Apple's Secret Ingredient"
by Joe — Sep 03
Scott can you explain to me how those were major versions? I'm just wondering because they have even less content than a Microsoft service pack.

And yes MS has put out many major versions and I'll list a couple but could easily go on: Windows Server 2003, Windows Professional x64, Windows Tablet Edition 2005 (if you try to claim this is not a huge difference than I'll have to laugh), Windows Media Center 2005... and the list goes on.

I love apple, I am an apple developer and use them at work a lot. The one thing that I don't like is how Steve Jobs gets up and spends almost his whole time talking at the conference bashing Microsoft while showing the most piss-poor update MacOS has seen. I was really hoping to see some revolutionary stuff at the conference but all I got was Microsoft bashing (especially the pure lies like how many Windows versions have come out, that Vista has stole key parts from Apple, etc)

Seriously.. RSS in an email client is a major 'OPERATING SYSTEM' feature. Give me a break this is a service pack that consumers have to pay for with a couple of application updates. The only thing that was actually any good on his list was that bootcamp will be built in.
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