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Comment on "In Defense of WWDC 2006"
by Mac Developer — Sep 03
I've been to two previous WWDCs. This is the first time they've hat the "seat nazis" there. One of them I was able to talk into letting me into a session because someone was leaving at an opportune time-- otherwise it would have come to blows.

Those people were completely unacceptable. First off these are DMV rejects who have no clue about what's going on. Secondly they are rude, inconsiderate and lazy-- the reason they wouldn't let people into sessions is its much easier to hang a sign that says "Session full" and sit on your ass than actually man the door.


If I am ever denied entry to a session at WWDC I will demand a refund from ADC, or the firing of the person who denies me entry.

They have a right to check badges, but that's all. If I have to stand, that's fine.

Its not like there was a fire hazard or anything. Its pure idiocy and these idiots should not be tolerated, and Apple should not be paying them.

WORST thing about this WWDC.

The food seemed not quite as good, I missed movie night, but these are no big deal. The real purpose of the sessions is the content, and that seems a bit better than in the past (but still way too much of apple dodging the hard questions, and not giving us a straight answer, only to, a year later, find out the product or technology really is cancelled.)

But the seat nazis were unacceptabel and by far the worst thing I've ever seen at a WWDC. They were polite, but interferred with ones ability to get the data and pointlessly.
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