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Comment on "Apple's Secret Ingredient"
by Michael Xavier Maelstrom — Sep 03
Jack: Thanks 'mate! (for putting the garbage out)

Dot: HAHAHAHA! Love that "Tubes" reference.

Mr. Crane: That's an excellent point you make re the all important "Clarity" in leadership.

OK, so perhaps the secret is that there are a few secret ingrediants? :)

(and if you all knew what they ALL were, you'd all be running multi-billion-dollar businesses - Ed)

*cough* Yes, thank you Ed.

Ed would you step on the spot marked X and pull on this rope please.

(oh, I'm not falling for that AGAIN - Ed)


As an aside, love Microserfs Mr. C - despite that at the time I was particularly NOT-enamoured with MS for their business tactics, it felt like I was there while reading it.

und dichotomously I wouldn't 'ave minded working there (though largely to meet the sort of _employees_ depicted in the book)

Have yet to check out J-Pod, I'm looking forward to it.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Earth, Sometimes.
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