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Comment on "Follow-Up to "Secret Ingredient""
by Raphael Sebbe — Sep 06
Interesting stuff here... I am jumping in!

Yes they have the vision, and they are committed to it.

No Fear: Speaking of the Secret Ingredient, I would go on adding that Apple doesn't fear to start over when it needs to. Apple doesn't care of what people will think or say, they just act as if there were no tomorrow. Apple is able to drop cumbersome heritage in favor of innovation. This could be observed in the Intel transition, I don't know of any other company that would have taken that kind of a risk, yet I strongly believe this really was the best move Apple could have done.

Culture of Perfection: Another point is their close attention to details and design, trying to achieve perfection everywhere. That is observed in all of their products, hardware, software, even in API (thinking of Cocoa, Quartz, etc.).

User Experience: Lastly, their focus is mostly on bringing advanced capabilities to regular users. I am thinking of making superb DVD menus in 2 mouse-clicks, movies, audio creation, text processing... I would say this trend of "template-based applications", where impressive results can be obtained with a very limited learning curve, is what consumers (as opposed to pros) expect nowadays, at least on Mac, and Apple is quite good at this. PC users, I would say, are just not yet fully aware of this.

Their strengths are in so many other things, such as the Apple culture and the likes, that just cannot be summarized anyway... All of these are aspects of Steve's temperament that he is able to bring into his employees, products and in turn down to every single bit that comes out of the company.
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