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Comment on "Timing of iMac and Mini Announcements"
by Carl — Sep 07
In 1996, Windows 95 was still basking in its glory as the new 32-bit champ, and I was a kid playing with shady copies of "Windows 96" (mostly, it's what became IE4). I guess I would be heartened to learn that in the future broadband become reasonably ubiquitous and not-infrequently delivered by WiFi. (Does anyone else remember the original Mission Impossible movie? I just shook my head and asked, if Tom Cruise has some kind of magical high speed wireless internet service, why is he using what is already an outdated version of Netscape? Heh.) I remember for a long time, I wished computers could actually be semi-snappy about opening Explorer windows and such, which computers now mostly are. I'm not sure if I used a Mac at all in '96 or if my first extended encounter wasn't until '97. In either case, I was wholly ignorant of Unix, but still grudgingly respectful of the history of the command line.

Anyhow, just reminiscing.
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