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Comment on "Apple's Secret Ingredient"
by Hubert J. CAMPAN — Sep 07
How interresting !

I have as a job to drive people to more self-efficiency. Meanning : helping others to help themselves. We call it a coach.

What comes up very often is the fact people in their journey to a better themselves tend to simplify their neighborhood.

Next step is about finding tools to drive one's better life. And there comes Apple. Nearly all my coachees are willing or already work on Macintosh. This must mean something.

Simplcity, ease of use. Turnkey features. Like a car : you turn the key and it just works.

I also love Macintosh for it's simplicity. I do zen méditation and find using OSX a stressless action. At the end of the day (litteraly) you feel the difference between a Mac and a PC. And I know what I'm talking about as a former IT infrastructure manager.

Simplicity, clarity, beauty... zen experience.

How refreshing it is in those hard social and work times !

Sheers !

Hubert CAMPAN - World Citizen - France
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