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Comment on "WWDC 2006: Misreading 'Gender Imbalance'"
by LKM — Sep 11
I can't fscking believe people are "ashamed" for others to be interested in a woman asking an interesting question. Don't you think that the woman herself might take it all as a compliment?

Well, I don't know about that particular person, but a woman I know studied computer science with me. She now works at a software company where obviously, most of her colleagues are male, and she told me several times that she's thinking about working in a different, non-programming business where there aren't that many males. She doesn't feel well for different reasons - the constant, unbelieving stares at conventions and inter-company meetings being one of them. Generally, women don't take being stared at as a compliment.

Political Correctness is just another form of bigotry.

Yeah, and not insulting others is for weaklings, huh? Geez, show at least a little bit of respect for other human beings.
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