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Comment on "Movies on iTunes"
by Trygve Isaacson — Sep 14
Uli, regarding backups, if I understand how it works with movies, there's no need to buy burning software and split across discs -- iTunes will burn a movie backup disc, and for the same reason that these movies are smaller and lower resolution than a DVD, the backup will only consume a fraction of a DVD-R disc. If it supports multiple writes to a single disc, you could back up 3 movies on a single disc per the 1.4GB movie size Scott indicates. So although you can't "burn a DVD copy", you can "burn a backup on (less than) a single DVD-R".

Of course if you want to back up a movie onto CD-R, that's a different order of magnitude capacity.

But like most of you, I am not really part of the iTunes Store demographic. I buy CDs rather than iTunes music mainly for the automatic backup copy. And I also generally don't buy DVDs because movies just aren't something I do repeat viewing of / listening to, since they are necessarily a sit-down-and-pay-attention activity.
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