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Comment on "In Defense of WWDC 2006"
by Shay — Sep 15
I've attended 4 previous WWDC's (all in San Jose), and organised a 200 attendee conference myself.

I had no problems with the bag (it seemed quite padded to me!), and some years there's only been a plastic folder... Usually you can chart Apple's financial fortunes by the sort of swag they're giving away to developers. No WWDC mugs for student attendees kind of sucked though (no, I'm not a student). Remember, many people pay big money to attend the conference, so the bag isn't really a freebie.

Several Apple employees complained to me about the crowd control, they were let in last to sessions and separated out from people they were in conversations with when approaching the food tables. If people walked forward in sessions to the free seats and sat in the middle of rows, maybe the seat nazis would be less necessary.

Food was pretty much what I'd expected, although the spamlike meat in the salad was kind of scary.

The campus bash is kind of part of a recruiting drive that lets Apple show prospective employees what a cool place it would be to work. Unfortunately as the conference is now in San Francisco, the bus drive is pretty much mandatory. You can always elect not to attend, of course.

Stump the experts is always great. Movie night was good, but I don't think it was ever a new release I couldn't watch somewhere else...

In the good old days, CDs/DVDs were a separate item you could purchase, none of this 'free' conference DVD's, and no streaming either.

My feedback I sent to Apple on their survey form is here.
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