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Comment on "Cocoa Graphics Frameworks"
by Joachim Bengtsson — Sep 22
Jeroen Leenarts: I think that with 10.5, you can't make that assumption anymore, as the UI is scaleable. I'm not sure, though. If you want to make pixel-exact drawing, you could always read more about Pixel exact drawing in the documentation ;)

I have to say, PDFKit is pretty awesome. I've been using it for an internal application, and the ability to both use a PDFView which requires *no code*, but still use PDFPage and ask it to render itself to my own view if I have to, is all ridiculously powerful easy. Throw a mail my way if you have any questions about it.

By the way, NSAffineTransformations are cool, will make any OpenGL nerd gleeful, and are really important to understand if you're to make interesting custom views. At least before we get Core Animation...
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