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Comment on "The iMac is My TV and Stereo"
by Andrew — Oct 04
I'd love to be able to use my Mac full time instead of my TV and Stereo however here in the UK there are a few barriers to entry that are very frustrating. Firstly, iTunes UK store carries no shows and no movies. Secondly, I don't live in a city and therefore my broadband speed is less than 1mbps so downloading anything bigger than a few megs takes hours or days so getting shows from anywhere else is impossible. It's very frustrating.

Finally on the stereo front, and I think this is a bit of an oversight by Apple the Mac remote only controls the system volume and not the iTunes volume so if you're streaming to your stereo over Airport you can't control the volume by remote. (I had to buy Mira to fix this). I have this working great now.

Incidently - Avatar is shown satuday mornings here and it it a beautifully drawn , sometimes surreal cartoon. Glad to hear someone else loves it.
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