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Comment on "The iMac is My TV and Stereo"
by Michiel — Oct 05
I've replaced the living room TV with a mac mini + 23" apple display. This screen hooks up to EyeTV, which I also connect the xbox to so that uses the same beautiful (albeit slow) screen.

In my attic, I have a windows pc that records tv from cable, using Snapstream software. It's converted to DivX and the mac mini moves all recorded shows across the network into folders inside the 'Movies' folder. So I can use Front Row to access all recorded shows.

Once in a while I edit the DivX movies (on windows, using Virtualdub) to cut out all the commercials. My kids rarely watch tv, they only use Front Row.

I love this setup. It would be nice to be able to edit divx so easily on a mac though as it is with virtualdub on windows.
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