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Comment on "The iMac is My TV and Stereo"
by Iain — Oct 06
This is so my situation. Now that Lost season 2 has finished, here in the UK, we're left with Extras and Lead Balloon on our viewing schedule totalling an hour a week. Being avid subscribers to ScreenSelect (a NetFlix clone), most of our viewing is restricted to DVDs. Like you, we're starting to wonder if days of the "square god" and assorted paraphernalia--not to mention the TV 'tax' we Brits have to pay--are numbered.

Just like, John, we're seriously considering a 24" iMac + eyeTV to replace our 21" telly, DVD, VCR and FreeView box. Actually, I'm pretty well comitted to the idea. Perhaps a nice Bose sound system for iTunes and we're sorted!

I dig my current G4 and just think Apple have really got the convergent technology thing. I think the corner of our lounge is about get far less cluttered :-)

Good article!
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