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Comment on "Some Explanation Required, Cocoa and Carbon"
by David Young — Oct 07
An idle Cocoa app is generally just that: idle. An idle Carbon app often will just sit there and constantly poll for events.

Now, remember of course that I'm a Cocoa developer to the Core (no pun intended), having come over to the Mac platform from OPENSTEP when I say: that is bullshit. Modern Carbon applications don't spin wildly calling GetNextEvent() anymore, and Cocoa event handling sits atop Carbon events. Check your stack backtrace the next time you set a breakpoint in some NSResponder method.

Unless you have the source code or some other inside information about iTunes, I would be careful make such an incorrect statement.

However, I do agree with Wil and probably 90% of other Cocoa developers: using Carbon royally sucks it, and the frameworks he called out are especially severe examples of this.
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