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Comment on "Some Explanation Required, Cocoa and Carbon"
by flynn — Oct 07
Well, to state the obvious: John Gruber is a very smart guy, but hes not a professional Cocoa developer.

I'm not sure what John's article is trying to add to the discussion besides belittling Wil in a "don't take him too seriously, he just wants to work less" way. As Wil states in his article, don't having a modern API makes all the difference to developers in a decision to use the stuff. If I can add LSM in a few days instead of a few weeks to my application, that's important. To me, my customers and Apple.

I don't need a Cocoa class for everything (In fact that would hurt more than help), but having a good documented, modern CoreSomething, free of Pascal structs isn't too much too ask for. In the end nobody cares if you are a tough geek assembling your toy out of a bazillion little pieces, while unrolling your loops, optimizing to assembler by hand, riding on a burning motorcycle. If you want to, please go ahead, shoot yourself in the foot. The rest of us however thinks it's crucial and not just "a nice to have" for the whole platform to use modern APIs.
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