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Comment on "I Got Pay It Forward-ed"
by duzbin — Oct 09
I have not seen these movies, but...

"Sleeps like the dead."
Which movie was made first?
I saw them both advertised, but can't remember which first? If sixth scene was made first, it could be a sort of "In Joke"

"Walk on water."
I don't imagine there being any relation to the Passion of the Christ, other than the fact that we could assume James Caviezel is a Christian.
By the sound of it, Pay it Forward is a very Christian sort if Idea. The writer or Director could be a Christian, and chose a Christian actor.
"Walk on water" could be a relating the boy to Jesus. The way he helps people, he doesn't know, and without expecting anything back.

"Cereal is almost gone"
I think this is most likely an error in recording.
It could have meaning, but they could have also re-shot the scene a number of times, and took the bits they liked from each shoot. This way, the cereal might have been in a slightly different place each time.
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