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Comment on "Some Explanation Required, Cocoa and Carbon"
by Scott Stevenson — Oct 09
The tone of his post is way over the top.

That's just his style. Sort of irreverant.

Modern Carbon apps can be perfectly good citizens WRT CPU time, and Cocoa apps can be bad ones.

Yup. I think I was just wrong on this. Although there must be some common factor, because Carbon apps seem much more likely to eat up cycles when idle. Maybe it's not Carbon's fault per se, but the result of code being written with certain thinking, and being brought forward across API changes.

Apple can't expose everything overnight in Objective-C

For me, the main question is why they're publishing new frameworks as anything but Objective-C, such as CoreVideo. Because of QuickTime. CF-style frameworks aren't all that bad, but they're still not Objective-C.
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