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Comment on "Cocoa for Windows Will Not Happen"
by Half Activist — Oct 11
I agree Apple may not release a windows API of cocoa on a strategically point of view, but on the feasability side, it wouldn't be that difficult.
You say that many classes from cocoa are 'toll-free bridged' with CoreFoundation types, such as CFArray etc, but the thing is Cocoa is an API and therefore we're talking about API compatibility not implementation differences. Furthermore, CoreFoundation is partly opensource and compiles on several platforms.
GNUStep would be able to bring cross platform development with Objective-C + OpenStep-ish APIs, only a little more things should be done in GNUStep but they definitly lack developers.

So, to me, Cocoa for Windows might never exist, but you tend to present it as a technical issue which is simply not true.
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