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Comment on "On the Topic of Being Off-Topic"
by Uli Kusterer — Oct 11
Scott, I personally don't care much for all those Nintendo DS posts, but I would never have the ... I think the technical term is "chutzpah" ... to e-mail you saying you were doing too many off-topic posts. As the others said, this is your blog. If the masthead said "programming only" in big letters it would be different (irony notwithstanding, of course).

And considering you're linking to your Cocoa articles on CDC now, people can just march over there and be blissfully ignorant of all the facets of your personality. I like blogs where people share personal war stories and rationales. I also like being introduced and kept current about stuff I wouldn't usually get informed about. Just makes you a bit more of a rounded person.

Would I unsubscribe from your feed if your blog suddenly turned into DS-only? Sure. But you had like, what, two "off topic" posts this month? I could just not read them if I'm not interested, or wait for another blog to link to the postings I like best on your site if they bothered me. No problem there for me.
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