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Comment on "Some Explanation Required, Cocoa and Carbon"
by Uli Kusterer — Oct 11
Just two things:

1) Cocoa is newer than you think. NeXT did some substantial redesign work AFAIK. That's why we have those seemingly odd NXColor "compatibility methods" in NSCoder etc. SImilarly, the base classes used to have no prefixes way long ago...

2) On Robert's comment regarding Cocoa not being used as much as Carbon: Remember that Apple isn't a homogeneous company. There are different fractions inside Apple. Apparently, a lot of the CoreAudio people prefer doing their work in C++ (which actually makes sense, IMHO), while many other departments seem to have moved to Cocoa just fine. This is also the first time I've heard about the Cocoa team being understaffed (especially in comparison to the Carbon folks). Robert, could you elaborate on that?

3) Oh, and of course development takes time. So, the Cocoa stuff we only just start seeing now is what has been in development for the last few years. So, the lack of ObjC may just be the last remnants of the switch to OS X.
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