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Comment on "Portable Applications on Mac OS X"
by ssp — Oct 12
While I guess, people might come up with some way to fool the defaults system into using a different folder for its job, the problem would remain that applications have the bad habit of spilling their files all over your library folder (application support, caches, own folder right in there, ...) and those will be even hader to cover.

I'm wondering whether you couldn't solve the problem by having a disk image on your memory stick that you union mount over the current home (or library) folder. That way you'd catch all the changes and be able to take them with you.

Of course that's not quite as easy as just launching an application because you'll have to run some script first but on the other hand it should work for all applications and whenever you start carrying things like your preferences and files around you may want to store them in an encrypted disk image anyway...
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