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Comment on "I Got Pay It Forward-ed"
by Scott Stevenson — Oct 13
draw your attention to an image problem: Theocacao has always seemed to me a truly professional, ontopic, to-the-point, no-nonsense weblog

I take all of that as a compliment, so thank you.

Now it seems to be moving away from that ideal

I don't think so, really. The reason I leave personal things off this blog is not to keep up appearances, but because I figure people aren't that interested in reading about my pet dog and whatnot.

The first oddball post was me basically saying "hey, this is a rough time, I could use some help." Maybe you think there's not value in asking blog readers for help, but that was the reason. The second post (this one) came up because I thought it was pretty unusual to spot a "pay it forward" in the wild.

In any case, I respect the fact that you explained your thoughts, and I think you can expect that at least 90% of the stuff you see here will be the sort of things listed on the about page.
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