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Comment on "Some Explanation Required, Cocoa and Carbon"
by ElfNeedsFood — Oct 14
Carbon came about because Microsoft, Adobe and the like weren't going to budge.

Umm, no, not really.

The "like" that you refer to include the thousands of MacOS developers who have real businesses to run, which includes actually shipping product (as opposed to, say, debating the pros and cons of languages and frameworks).

Something that seems to get missed in the lovefest that is Cocoaland is that without Carbon there wouldn't be a Mac OS X platform right now. Yes, that's right. No Mac OS X. The grand project would have been stillborn, like some pretty version of BeOS with the faithful and zealous arguing about the merits of their favourite frameworks and languages being used in products that nobody purchases for a platform that nobody buys.

As anyone who developed MacOS software in the Dark Years will know only too well, Apple have done a lot wrong over the years by their developers, but one of those evils isn't Carbon. A much greater evil would have been to arrogantly assume that the developer base has so much time and money on its hands that it could seamlessly transition to a new OS and new languages and tools (bye bye CW!!!) and languages and frameworks...
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