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Comment on "Cocoa for Windows Will Not Happen"
by Wilko — Oct 16
I also just don't buy that Windows developers would be willing to use Mac OS X tools to write Windows apps.

As a developer who has programmed for Window, Linux (and now) OSX, I would have to agree 100%. Forget Windows legacy Win32/MFC crap, .NET is a great framework to program for and for obvious reasons, very well integrated with the Windows platform. Although Cocoa is a great framework too (and arguably better), it is a great OSX framework. Windows programmers will be more willing to move to .NET than Cocoa, which I think will never have the cohesiveness of .NET on Windows.

That's even without mentioning the development tools. Visual Studio Express and Pro editions are fantastic programming environemnts. XCode neads a lot of love, it doesn't even come close right now. I know, I use it every day.

For the record, (in case anyone is wondering), I think OSX is the superior platform.
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