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Comment on "Right Way to Install Rails on Mac OS X?"
by Scott Stevenson — Oct 18
Matt Tavares said: Mongrel is blindingly fast. Although, they don't have support for my favorite plug-in: Upload Progress.

Looks like that was fixed on June 25 (

Dale said: James Duncan Davidson has an up-to-date guide for installing Rails on Mac OS X. This guide will be going into the 2nd edition of Agile Development with Rails

This looks pretty complicated. Is it all really necessary if I'm not running, you know, a cluster of load-balanced, plasma-powered machines? I'm not building a replacement for MySpace.

I don't mind typing commands and waiting for 20 minutes for things to come together, but I do mind spending two days Googling for error messages and the like. Do I really need a sandbox and all that? 80 percent rule.

I'm surprised it hasn't been tackled by the Rails team given they're mostly Mac users (ie the 'it just works' Mac experience)

I'm surprised too. I think the one thing Mac OS X shows us is that's okay to trade some modularity for an easier experience. Maybe it's the DRY thing taken to an extreme -- the point it actually makes things harder for developers?

most tutorials assume MySQL which isn't bundled with the 10.4 client and isn't free

How do you figure it's not free? There's certainly a non-free edition, but that's not the only option.
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