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Comment on "Right Way to Install Rails on Mac OS X?"
by Michael Koziarski — Oct 18
Hey Scott,

If you're just looking to get Rails up and running, Dan's HiveLogic guide is a great option. He updates it regularly, so don't be too worried by the publication date.

If you are considering running more 'stuff', then go with macports.

The trunk version of Rails ("Edge") is compatible with Ruby 1.8.5, so don't hesitate to go for the latest and greatest.

That's not actually accurate, there are still some 1.8.5 related bugs which we haven't managed to fix, stick with 1.8.4 to be certain. Though if you're happy without the breakpointer, you can probably survive with 1.8.5.

Hope you enjoy using our framework, and thanks for all the interesting cocoa resources.
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