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Comment on "Most Macs Ever Sold in a Quarter"
by Mike Abdullah — Oct 19
The whole virtualization thing with Vista has been misunderstood.

When running an emulator, you have an OS operating the machine normally. This can be any version of Vista of anything else.

In the emulator you run another OS. This could be a version of Vista of something else.

What the EULA disallows is for both of the above OS's to be a single license of Vista Home or Basic. If you want to have a Vista Home host OS and a virtualized Vista Home you have to buy 2 copies.

There is nothing to stop you running Vista Home/Basic in Parallels.


On the other hand the plethora of Vista versions and many other parts of the EULA are just plain dumb and make me very glad that I only have to think about OS X and OS X Server.
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