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Comment on "Updated C Tutorial for Cocoa"
by Rob — Oct 21
I have done very well with your screen saver tutorials, from a couple of months ago, THANK-YOU SOO MUCH !

Now I know that some people have complained about those tutorials as the code was certainly not an example of good coding.

I actually think that the tutorial design was brilliant -- a stroke of genius !!!

I don't think you are the first teacher to use this strategy and you run into it much because it is a risky strategy, but it is an established strategy.

The strategy was that the code is written in all sorts of ways, all the possibilities, to use as many types of C expressions as possible.

This worked GREAT for me because I have taken many C, Java, and C++ classes over the years, the last time in 2002 -- so it was a great refresher course.

And at first it was a little frustrating but then when I realize what you had done, I really liked it, and cleaned up the code myself.

The only flaw I would see with the tutorials was that I believe from reading Apple's docs that beziepaths are meant to have drawing operations continuously added to them with subsequent drawing, your tutorial does not do this, although there is plenty of opportunity to do that.

I have only looked at the second one a little bit, the first one has allowed me to go so far I am a bit preoccupied with that.

17,000 lines of code and counting !!!

Progress bar to tell the user what is being draw ...

... auto-scrolling of the About... in the dialog ...

... desktop animation and transparency ...

... so the desktop image can be seen beneath ...

... its WAY COOOOL !!!
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