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Comment on "Updated C Tutorial for Cocoa"
by Andrs Puiz — Oct 23
I like your bare-bones C tutorial a lot, it seems to cover the basics very well.
I also hope your donations system will work out, and yes, I would certainly not be too shy about putting it on the front page and at the end of each tutorial. If you implemented nag screens with countdown scripts, now, that would be a whole different story... :) But this is gentle, and feels just right and fully justified.

About the C tutorial itself: I've heard developers grumble about newbies who hardly know any C or other low-level technology, and jump right into Cocoa and Obj-C. What's your take on this?

If someone is serious about developing GUI apps in Cocoa, shouldn't he or she at least work through Kernighan and Ritchie before firing up InterfaceBuilder?
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