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Comment on "Nintendo's Big Idea is Not the Wiimote"
by Michael James — Oct 27
I agree. Although, to this day, I still prefer in many cases the old video games I used to play as a kid (especially the arcade versions of those games).

Today's video game developers and users (gamers) are too addicted to the false concept that a game with excellent 3D graphics and cinematic intermissions = a great game. Not true. I still get much more fun and pleasure playing Robotron 2084 in all of it's 8-bit, 2D glory than almost anything today. This is mostly for the reasons you stated in this post.

Video games today don't have the gameplay and duration of earlier games. Most earlier games didn't need manuals, walkthroughs, and menus. It was easy to get addicted. I also miss games with scores and high-score tables. Now it's all about how quick you can finish the game.
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