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Comment on "Nintendo's Big Idea is Not the Wiimote"
by Jason — Oct 28
You hit the button on the nose.

This is the exact same thing I have been trying to communicate...just could not come up with the words. For me the Dreamcast was the peak of videogames that I enjoy. The graphics are good, the control is nice and the games are not bogged down in over complex control schemes, 30 year fanchise modes, how much to charge for a hot dog and so on.

Being older I have maybe a half hour at a time to play a game. I bought a 360 and I was blown away when Oblivian showed up from Gamefly. But after 3 days I was lost. I just did not have the time invest in something like this. If I was 13 who knows. I sold my 360 after NCAA 07 came out. It looked good, but the animations were shotty. I put in NFL 2k1 on the ole dreamcast and saw to my amazement-- gang tackling and animations that were great for me. Keep it simple is it for me.

Great post.
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