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Comment on "Nintendo's Big Idea is Not the Wiimote"
by Andrew — Oct 28
I really disagree with you there. I mean really what we want is shorter less interesting games? If there is any absoulute, and I don't think there is I think games have really gotten too darned short. I'm a college student, so I guess that leaves me a lot more time for games than someone with a career and family. Regardless I'm getting sick of picking up a game and finishing it in one or two days. Like Where I'd like to see games going is towards more fully realized narratives, more developed characters, less about just picking them up and having a good time for half an hour and more about something like Indigo Prophecy or Knights of the Old Republic where it's telling me a good lenghty story that has time for plenty of twists and turns. And then once you have that kind of experience finding ways to fuse the gameplay together with the story.

I mean yeah pick up and play is great for when i'm on a bus and i'm bored but it's not something I'm going to want to sit down to for a weekend of enjoying myself with a game.
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