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Comment on "Nintendo's Big Idea is Not the Wiimote"
by Scott Stevenson — Oct 28
I mean really what we want is shorter less interesting games?

It's not about being less interesting. What would be the point? It's not so much about "shorter" either. It's less busywork. I don't want to spend two hours building experience points or reading manuals so I know how to interact with the world.

I'm a college student, so I guess that leaves me a lot more time for games than someone with a career and family

A bunch of people did jump on here and say they don't have time to play games because they're too busy. I respect that, but it wasn't really my point. I'm sort of a believer in the idea that you'll make time for things if you really want to do them.

If you can come up with a game of 60 hours of enjoyment, then I'm on board. That's different than 60 hours of gameplay, of course.

Where I'd like to see games going is towards more fully realized narratives, more developed characters

All of that's fine if it's fun. The idea isn't time investment upfront for a promise of fun later. It's should be fun now. In any case, I think the argument is that there should be more room for casual games, not that they should completely replace deeper titles. That would mean no Metroid or Zelda.

I also think a game can be deep without being ridiculously complicated to get into and keep playing. Ico is great example.
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