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Comment on "Nintendo's Big Idea is Not the Wiimote"
by Jake — Oct 28
Kirzen, with all due respect, don't you think the type of gamer you mentioned is VERY well catered for already? The type of game you describe exists in abundance already on the PS2, so I'm not certain you really see what Nintendo are doing.

I'm 31. I've played games since I was about 12, on my ZX Spectrum. I moved onto Sega and Nintendo, and then Sony Playstation. All the while, these companies, and the other creating games, targeted my age group and the nature of those games grew too. We all knew the >action< >reward< sequences, and language of gaming grew with us. Hence now, with the power of the latest consoles, you have ridiculously complex game scenarios, plots, sub-plots, controls and reward mechanisims.

For us thats fine. We've grown with it and understand it. It may look a little daunting for someone just getting into consoles, especially if they're younger, and this is what Nintendo are addressing. They are targetting the younger generation with games that are easier to access. Why? Because nobody else is, and nobody else has done for 10+ years. Nintendo are the only ones who have. Just look at the success of the Gameboy/Advance/DS. You can point and moan saying those games are simplistic, but they are selling to a demographic of a scale that pisses all over the one you describe. Need proof? The resilience of the DS over the PSP should be enough.

But this is not a sleight on the gamers who like their complex MMORPG and racing games ala PGR. You have no need to get your knickers in a twist as your games are already catered for, and no one is saying you need to buy a Wii.

It's a bonus for Nintendo that so many veteran gamers are looking at it and thinking, "Phew, I can play a game for that 30 mins in the evening when my kids have gone to bed and the wife gets off my case."

As ever with games, it's each to their own and I fully respect everyones comments on here, as we're all gamers. It's just that Nintendo are re-opening an easy-in avenue that has only really been available on hand helds. I'm liking that.
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