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Comment on "Twists and Turns in Apple's History"
by Christian Machmeier — Oct 29
Great write-up, Scott!

If you're one of those, who know about the value Apple has done to us (and that isn't quite hard to get), the history of "the company" is the more incredible. I mean it isn't even necessary to draw a polemic picture of a hypothetical present the fact remains that Apple has brought very much so much more design into mainstream. And almost all of that happened in the last couple of years (probably starting with the introduction of the original iMac G3, which was greatly perceived by the world), after the return of his Steveness (A coincidence? Almost certainly!), and by the sheer amount of innovation popping out of Cupertino. I'm happy of being a part of it (well, sorta)! And I feel sorry for everyone not having seen "the light" yet. :)
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